To U.S. Senators, From a Person With Fibromyalgia and Chronic Illnesses

I’m one of the 117 million Americans who have “at least one of the chronic health conditions,” according to CDC insights from 2015, and I’m terrified you will renounce my medical coverage. I’m not here to reprove you or disclose to you your thoughts aren’t right. My motivation is to educate you about those of us who aren’t sufficiently blessed to be healthy.

We aren’t “bums” manhandling the framework and searching for freebees. We’re genuine individuals with occupations, kids, life partners, families and companions. We happen to be somewhat less solid than most of the population, yet we aren’t less profitable or less deserving for the reasonably fair treatment.

I admit that the Affordable Care Act is imperfect,it has some flaws. Up through December, I was paying over $400 a month for individual medical coverage. I got no endowments since I’m married and our salary is directly over the limit for help. My husband and I struggle to manage the cost of it, yet we both understand that the monetary weight would be substantially higher in the event that I didn’t have medical coverage. I comprehend and bolster the need to amend and patch up our present wellbeing arrangement, yet in the event that the Affordable Care Act is canceled without a solid, complete and quick substitution arrange, a great many Americans like myself will get themselves not able to bear the cost of care.

The most essential proviso of the Affordable Care Act ensures that back up plans can’t deny scope in view of prior conditions. This doesn’t involve spending plans or partisanship — this provision guarantees an essential human ideal to medicinal services in America for those of us who require it most. In the event that I am denied scope because of wellbeing based separation, I won’t have the capacity to manage the cost of medicines that have given me the capacity to carry on with a satisfying and dynamic life.

By revoking the Affordable Care Act completely with no arrangement for substitution, you’re letting us know, the wiped out and handicapped, that our lives aren’t critical. It appears as it doesn’t make a difference to you in case we’re kept to our beds for whatever remains of our lives or meet an early passing.

We’re the general population who will confront the most difficulties in case we’re barred from the protection framework. So I am asking you, imploring you, to please consider the a large number of individuals you’ll be harming.

We are not insights or some statistics. We are living, breathing Americans, and we deserve to live the best lives we can.

Sincerely With Hope,

Proud American.

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