Six Weird Signs of Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a condition that affects nearly 5 million women and men—but mostly women—in the United States alone.

Anyone who has fibromyalgia can tell of the constant chronic pain and relentless fatigue that are two of the syndrome’s signature symptoms.

But the condition reaches beyond bodily pain and a kind of exhaustion that is not just physical, but mental and emotional as well.

There are other indications of fibromyalgia that only the sufferer has any sense of, and it presents a hefty challenge to others around them—beloved family and friends—who want to understand what they are going through.

There are even some sufferers of fibromyalgia who don’t yet know the real name of their bane.

They have the shared experiences and sufferings of other fibromyalgia patients, but have yet to be diagnosed. All they can be sure of is that they hurt.

These are some lesser known indicators of fibromyalgia. If you share in any combination of these symptoms, you might consider seeking professional diagnosis and treatment for this condition.


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Unless you suffer from allodynia, it probably would never occur to you that patting a friend on the back or rubbing the shoulder of a loved one might actually cause them excruciating pain.

Allodynia is the condition of having an increased sensitivity to touch, making normal contact cause great degrees of discomfort and pain.

There are a number of different reasons that people with fibromyalgia might suffer from heightened skin sensitivity.

Chronic pain, a prevailing symptom of fibromyalgia, causes more than a third of people diagnosed with fibromyalgia to incur damage to nerve endings in their skin’s outer layers.

It is the same chronic pain that causes itself to be amplified in the brain because of maladapted neurotransmitters dedicated to the relay of pain signals.

Sometimes pharmaceuticals called NMDA receptor antagonists are prescribed to help. And only sometimes, they do.

The condition of allodynia also has connections to lacking restorative sleep. This is why exercise, physical therapy and techniques in stress reduction and relief are such common approaches in the treatment of fibromyalgia.


  1. Could you please email the report. I have had fibro for more than 20yrs. Just getting worse. Have been denied by Disability. I want to appeal. Can’t do much anymore. Thank you.

  2. Could you send me this report to my email I’ve been fighting with my small town dr for years to help me and I’m finally to the point that sometimes it hurts to even get outta bed

  3. Was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia over 25 years ago. But has slowly gotten worse. Was prescribe Amitriptyline at night. Did and does help some, for sleep. At times I can’t even go outside I hurt so bad. Muscle spasms in legs, back, neck, well pretty much all over. No need to complain, because they don’t know what I’m talking about. Sometimes feels like I’m burning all over.

  4. 10 years now suffering can’t walk at times loud sounds smells make me ill eye pain lumps in my skin sensitivity in nails and hair pain after working out fatigue chest pain jaw pain swallowing pain can’t sleep. Moody depression weight gain lost sex drive polish will not stay on my nails. IBS .. endometriosis pricking pain all over my body neck back knees elbow finger wrists pain ankle pain feet pain difficulty standing or seating headaches intestines problems spasms in anal vaginal shoulders lock up calves lock up