fibromyalgia and leg pain

fibromyalgia and leg pain

Do you suffer with fibromyalgia leg pain?  Pain that is associated with the tender points and trigger points in multiple sites? Although we often refer to them as tender POINTS, they are actually more like tender AREAS.

I have yet to meet someone with fibromyalgia that has merely a POINT of pain or tenderness. (However, both tender points and widespread pain areas are still used for diagnosis) And because tender points differ from trigger points, refer also to the ‘trigger points’ article for a more in depth discussion on TRP’s in fibromyalgia.

Now most people with fibro describe an “area” of pain that radiates to the surrounding tendons or trigger points. Often there is an involvement with an associated tendon, ligament or TRP (trigger point). This is what causes the pain to radiate or extend.

Let’s take for example the tender points on the inside of the knee. This area can extend on average from 2-4 inches above and below the inside of the knee. So it really makes more sense for reference to call this anAREA of pain, especially when it comes to working solutions. Yes, there are many tender points in the lower extremity of the fibro body.

Certain Activities Of Daily Living (ADLs) Can Exacerbate Fibromyalgia Leg Pain

Examples are sitting for extended periods, standing in one place, displacement OR shifting of weight while standing, driving, travel, cleaning activities, etc.

What else can exacerbate fibromyalgia leg pain? Trigger points, inactivity, loss of muscle mass, lower back pain, sciatica, SI joint involvement, certain medications, cold/flu and more. The interesting thing about fibromyalgia related leg pain is that it doesn’t matter whether you are standing, sitting or lying down.

The propensity for pain in the lower quadrant of the fibro body is just greater due to trigger points woven within layers of muscle and extremely tender areas that are not directly related to any activity or exercise.

Fibromyalgia Leg Pain results when strength and agility are lost.

The longest and most widely used muscle in the leg (otherwise known as the Sartorius muscle in the quadricep area) is responsible for much of our mobility in the lower quadrant of the fibro body. Here in the adjacent picture I have hi-lited these areas that cause most pain within the lower fibro body. 

When this muscle and the surrounding muscles become de-conditioned, everything around this area also weakens including tendons and ligaments.

Agility can be lost and these “areas” of interest become wider still (as shown in the adjacent graphic), with the tender point pain spreading both above and below the actual point location on the inside of the knee. 

The tender points within the buttock area can also radiate pain down the leg, often on the sides and back of legs. Hip and leg pain can result because the Illiotibial band (outside of legs) runs from the hip area down the side of each leg and when this area is tight can cause stabbing pain and severe stiffness.

Weakness and/or shortening in the hip abductors can also cause extreme tightness and decrease mobility.Illiotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS) can occur in athletes through repetition and overuse but this painful condition is not uncommon for people with fibromyalgia.

Now this is where there is some controversy. Is the fibro worsening OR are these points/areas of the fibro body becoming weaker? Are you suffering with Chronic Myofascial Pain on top of fibromyalgia? That could be the reason that you feel your leg pain is getting worse, as there are many layers of trigger points in the lower body.

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  2. This is so dibalatating u look fine from the outside but it is a different matter on the inside. Every part of you just hurts like u have been pinched everywhere like a bus has hit you and even though u take the pain medication it only just takes the edge off some of the pain.
    At night u can’t sleep cause no matter where u try to get comfortable it eventually becomes uncomfortable.
    The lack of sleep makes me fall asleep any where (as I am writing this i am struggling to keep awake) which is dangerous when you drive. When I go to see my grandson at my daughter’s she used to take photos of me asleep as she used to think it was funny ” ol mom come to see us and falls asleep again” was one of her captions but I just can’t help it as it is something beyond my control.
    Restless legs are another one where u can’t keep ur legs from either moving or tapping u feel u have a need to keep them moving.
    Another bad part is ur mind is active but u just can’t follow when it whole body hurts my pain medication is very high and I know if I have missed a dose of my tablet cause I hurt like hell I used to have the patches but I have an allergy to all plasters so I get a reaction to any thing stuck on my body so take tablets I worked out one day in a year I take 30 tablets short of 9000.
    I wish this was something that can be seen this fibromyalgia because it would b so much better to get a stranger to understand u are disabled because of it.

    This is my point of view of being a sufferer with Fybro.

  3. I get pain all the time in my hips and it goes all the way down. I can’t even be walking for 5 mins then i start lumping because my hips starts hurting so bad and it runs down my legs. and if i stand still within 3 mins my feet feels like they are burning. i did notice if i have money bills or coins, credit card , licence in my pockets it makes my fib flair up my hip down hurts every bad. certain food and cleaning supplies and laundry soap now flair up my fibro i wish i had my life back. Since i have gotten fibro my skin has lost the pigment i now have what michel jackson had

  4. I have extreme pain in left ankle and also wear orthotics. Woke up one morning went to walk and had trouble ever since, no I haven’t twisted it

    • I also have pain in my left ankle. It stays swollen I have shots in both ankles every 3months. The only thing that eases the pain just a little is a narcotic pain pill. But the pain never goes away. I also wear a brace on the left foot. Just so sick of this.