50 Things People With Fibromyalgia Really Want for Valentine’s Day

Fibromyalgia Really Want for Valentine’s Day

If you have fibromyalgia, what’s one thing you really want for Valentine’s Day?  At the end of the day, what many people wish for is comfort, happiness, support and understanding — but the occasional spa day doesn’t hurt either.

Valentine’s day is just around the neck, and i don’t know about your plan, however many of the traditional presents just don’t work for the people with fibromyalgia and/or me/cfs. I will’t devour maximum sweet because the sugar and preservatives motive me days of expanded ache. I can’t consider the ultimate time i wore underwear . A dinner out is pleasant, however i’m limited in what i can devour due to the fact i’ve long gone gluten loose.

Here are just some of the answers that people give us on our community question related Valentine’s Day, take out few minutes to give a read to all of them ,and it will definitely make your day:

1. “I would love to see more doctors getting involved with fibromyalgia.”

2. “Can I have a full day completely pain-free? No meds, heating pad, hot showers. and no pain patch that leaves me stinking. Just one full day.”

3. “To be totally candid, to be able to make love to my partner without pain, planning and medication — like it was ‘before.’”

4. “A cure for fibromyalgia. That would be a perfect Valentine’s Day gift!”

5. “Enough energy to shower and take a decent walk with my amazing doggie.”

6. “I want to just be able to live a ‘normal’ life again. Nothing is ever normal in your life again once the fibromyalgia symptoms begin. Those symptoms may vary, but they never end. Oh, and a professional massage please!”

7. “Just one day where everybody was more understanding and empathic.”

8. “I want to be able to wake up just one day without sore joints and feel ready for the day instead of tired and wanting to go back to bed.”

9. “Eight hours of uninterrupted, pain-free sleep.”

10. “A day to enjoy life without having to consider the consequences of each activity. To have a ‘girls’ day’ with my daughter and granddaughters and not have to ‘pay’ for that joy with several days of pain.”

11. “To be held and massaged in a hot bath in the arms of someone who finally understands what I’m going through. Where’s that person?”

12. A maid. My house is an utter mess and it stresses me, causing a flare, causing me to not clean…etc, etc, etc. Y’all know the vicious cycle!

13. Relief! A day where I’ve had rest, and I can accomplish all that need to be done without pain and suffering

14. I would like to go 4 hours without pain and fatigue. This would allow me to do an activity with my children and thoroughly enjoy it.

15. One day of feeling like I did 20 years ago so I could have the most amazing day with my son and husband and not spend the entire day explaining why I can’t do something.

16. A nice new hot heating pad! That’s a hot date!!

17.The chance to sleep for a week. Only broken by meals and fresh herbal tea brought to me in bed.

18. “Fuzzy, comfortable PJs and a giant heated teddy bear I can cuddle that will keep me warm.”

19. “I want to dance without sleeping the entire next day.”

20. “A nice, new hot heating pad. That’s a hot date!”

Fibromyalgia Fact: The more you read what other with fibromyalgia writes, The more you learn how to cope.

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