An Amazing Day With Fibromyalgia Doesn’t Mean I’m Cured

A Good Day With Fibromyalgia Doesn't Mean I'm Cured

Having an excellent day does now not imply i’ve been cured of fibromyalgia. My version of an amazing day isn’t similar to a healthy individual’s version of a terrific day. I completely apprehend how humans can get pressured and why i regularly pay attention statements which include: “you don’t look sick,” “you appearance the like the photo of fitness”and “are you feeling better now?”

A terrific day doesn’t ranges a lot from my usual routine. I’m able to nonetheless spend the day crocheting; but, i’m in less pain. My chronic fatigue by no means falters, that is the same each day. But on a very good day, i can doze off with remnants of purple lipstick on. On a bad day there may be no red lipstick as i can’t even manipulate a wash let alone my warfare paint!

Some people find comments like those frightening, due to the fact they sense like an insult. I take it as a praise. I really like the fact that i can post a image on social media and sense like “antique ness” again. Regularly that photograph is taken on the start of a good day. I am getting hundreds of likes, compliments and self belief boosts. It doesn’t count number to me that by lunch time i’m lower back in my pajamas and at the couch or in bed, exhausted. I’ve had that little improve and it raises my spirits.

A very good day manner:

  • I experience more balanced.
  • I enjoy my food.
  • I snicker extra.
  • I’m able to walk up the stairs a bit faster and with fewer sound effects.
  • I smile more with a boost of self confidence.
  • I will control a small task in the residence that has been on my listing.
  • I can also have make-up on for the college run within the morning.
  • I might be able to submit something on social media approximately it being an awesome day.

A good day doesn’t mean I am cured. I am still in pain and exhausted by chronic fatigue, but it is at a balanced level that feels better and so I am grateful.

If you have a loved one with Fibromyalgia, please do not spoil their good days by assuming they are cured. Having a chronic illness means we don’t get cured. Some people can go into remission and become symptom-free, but remission doesn’t always last forever.

We try our best to find balance in our day, and some days are a little easier than others. That’s a good day.

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by Vanessa Quinlan McChrystal