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My ‘Fibro Closet’ : Who says a girl can’t be both fashionably dressed and chronically ill at the same time?

The 10 Essential Pieces in My 'Fibro Closet'

I have several chronic illnesses, including Fibromyalgia. I adore fashion, but I find I have to adapt my closet or wardrobe to accommodate my chronic illnesses. Who says a girl can’t be both fashionably dressed and chronically ill at the same time?

A defeatist voice whispers in my ear each and every evening. It tries to convince me that some aspect of my chronic illness is about to flare-up, that if I go out tomorrow, I’ll get stuck somewhere awkward in miserable pain. The voice says, “Maybe it would be easier if you just stayed home…” I counter my unfounded panic by flinging open my closet door and rummaging through my bureau drawers. The perfect outfit for tomorrow is in there, and I’m going to find it because, armed with fashion, I am able to picture myself having a pleasant and productive day as opposed to picturing an awful one stuck in the bathroom or packed in ice like a fish at the market. Mentally drowning out the panic gives tomorrow a fighting chance. Sure, it’s distinctly possible some symptomatic crisis will occur, but it might not – and I’ll never know if I don’t try.

The 10 essential pieces and accessories in my closet with having a chronic illness are:

1.) Bras.

Bras with underwire and MRIs do not mix. I find sport bras tend to be soft, comfortable and contain no metal parts. There are an array of colors and styles to pick from.

2.) Cardigans.

I am always freezing due to my body’s inability to regulate temperature, so these are a must. I live in an oversized oatmeal colored one from American Eagle Outfitters.

3.) Headbands.

The stretchy kind of headband, since the plastic ones tend to give me a tension headache.

4.) Jewelry.

I tend to stick the basics when it comes to jewelry. I wear small diamond stud earrings, a necklace, or a bracelet in a color or style that comments my outfit.

5.) Leggings.

A dressier version of yoga pants. Black, of course.

6.) Scarves.

I tend to wear the infinity kind, these make so easy to hide my soft or hard cervical collar with little effort on my part.

7.) Socks.

Fuzzy, soft, colorful, patterns. I own multiple pairs of socks. I even carry a pair in my bag in case of emergencies. That’s right, a sock emergency! It’s real!

8.) Sunglasses.

I’ve had multiple eye surgeries, so wearing sunglasses with UV protection is a must. Pick a frame that doesn’t overwhelm the shape and size of your face.

9.) T-shirts.

Shirts that flow away from the body work best for me. I also love a longer back to the shirt, such as a tunic.

10.) Yoga pants.

I will be the first one to say I own a lot of yoga pants. Black yoga pants are my go to staple.

Well, this is the end of my list of staples to wear when a girl has a chronic illness. What are the staples in your chronic illness closet ? tell us in comments below

Of course a successful wardrobe for a chronic illness patient with a mind for style often requires problem-solving skills. For starters, let’s take bras. They have a ladylike purpose. Many are sexy. I hear the French ones are to die for. Nationality and functionality aside, bras torture me. If Project Runway had a challenge to design a piece of clothing that applied pressure to sensitive nerve endings, causing me the maximum amount of pain, the winning design walking down Heidi Klum’s runway would be the typical bra you see in stores, French or otherwise.

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