Befriend Your Anxiety through Yoga

yoga and anxiety

Inversions, child’s pose, forward folds. Oh, and don’t forget to breathe…

Inhale. Exhale.

And again. Keep going.

Slow it down.

Good. You are a warrior.

anxiety and yoga

And on the outside, we all like to play warrior. Using our bodies as armour, a shield, a barrier… concealing what’s really going on underneath.

Anxiety has become the millennials’ malady  – no one actually wants it. Yet most of us have it.

So how do we deal with it?

There are already hundreds of suggestions out there on ‘how to reduce anxiety’. But what if we stop looking for ways to reduce, and start working on ways to befriend it?

‘Why would I want to befriend my anxiety?’ I hear you cry.

For the simple fact that, by trying to push it away or treating it like an enemy, it ends up creating lot more shade in our life than it does light.

Through our yoga practice, here are five ways that we can start to become friends with our anxiety, which might just result in paving its exit route:-

1.Set an intention

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Holly Lois

Before you begin that will bring your anxiety to the forefront. Rather than use your practice to escape from negative feelings, use it to get to know them better.

Put anxiety in the spotlight. Say ‘it is my intention to embrace my anxiety and allow my shadow to become my light’. Watch and feel what happens.

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