Creativity is known as the ability to perceive the world in new ways or turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. But according to my definition of creativity is something variable, something that is defined to be creative is not creative on the same time by some audience. According to me, creativity is directly proportion to the information, knowledge and exposure to the world.

Another thing that I observe that creativity or creative person is defined by the audience. Audience will have defined or classified something or phenomena to be creative. So the point in here is the audience, same thing or idea will be creative for some particular audience but it will be non-creative for other audience. So the key point to grasp in it is audience matters. And your knowledge level plays important role in being getting title of “creative”.

Let me explain it with an example, I made a picture box gift from YouTube video and presented it to my cousin sister. When she saw it her remarks was “Wao, its beautiful, how creative you are, its unique and new gift that I ever got.” But being true, I was not creative, I just copied it and presented in front of the audience that was unaware of it. So for me creativity really on the audience in front of which you are pitching the idea.

And through the same principal that I highlighted above, i-e pitching in front of the audience that are unaware of knowledge. And it is the key to the success in the coming era. Competition level has increased so much and for surviving you don’t have to bring something out of the world, you just have to find the right audience to pitch your skill set, or to pitch your idea to get the title of “Creative” or creative idea.