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Bussiness Ideas by Mix & Match


Here are the fews business ideas.

  1. Perfumed Alarm

It will be comprised of Alarm and perfumed. When alarm sets on, it also trigger perfume from it, and give pleasant smell to the person who got awake. Another implementation will be that human mind has an ability to response on certain smells. So in the product, alarm clock will contain perfumes. Person sets the perfumes of its own and set the alarm, when the alarm trigger, it through smell that person has set.it will help the person to get awake while other persons will not get effected with the alarm clock.

  1. Perfumed Filter Cigarette.

Cigarette filter will contain the perfumed. It will be use in such a way that when person smokes, it do not give bad odor from mouth.

  1. Scotch tape with insect killer

It will be comprised of scotch tape and insect killer. Scotch tape will contains the insect killer spray. Instead of spraying in the room, you just have to put the scotch tape and it will kill the insect. It will be environment friendly.

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