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Safe City Project causing public safety issues in night

In June 7,2016 Capital development authority along with the city traffic police take an initiative and started Safe City Project to make city safe, and decided to install CCTV cameras on the entrances of Islamabad and at the important roads of the Islamabad.

Along with the CCTV cameras, high beam white LED lights are also setup with the camera units for functioning in night. Although these high beam are very effective in aspect of security but these high beam lights are causing serious public safety issues for the drivers.

These lights beam in nights produce glare in the eyes of drivers. Glare is so strong that drivers were unable to see beyond the lights. Even if you use sunshades of the car, you were not able to see properly. It’s the serious trouble situation on the road for drivers. Drivers become momentarily blind and don’t know about the road condition.


Why its serious public safety issues?

Let’s take some scenarios that have probability to happens:

There is a car ahead of us, and that car stop due to some uncertain problems. Because of the glare, driver become unable to see that stopped card on the road. And eventually its end up in serious road accident.Now Tell does Driver has fault?. Unfortunately driver has no fault in it, it’s because of the glare that was produced from high beam lights.

Let’s take another scenario, mostly roads are not in good condition in here. Let assume that road is severe damage around the safe city security pool. Due to glare, new driver that are unaware of the road condition have high chances of getting into serious bump due to road damage. And on high speed when car gets bump it damages vehicle a lot.

This scenario become worst when people are driving motorbike. Because these road bump can result into serious accident because controlling bike become impossible in many cases. Many cases were reported of bike accidents because of bad road condition.

Another scenario is people are crossing the roads. Unfortunately the worst things in the people that they don’t follow the proper rules. Mostly not uses the overhead crossing bridges. They was also a traffic accident reported near Tarlai where 2 people get hit by car that are crossing the road. On investigation from drivers we come to know that driver was unable to see the road because of the glare produced by the lights. So in such a cases its a serious risk to public lifes.

So from these few scenarios we come to conclusion that CDA should also take a look at this serious public safety issues because it taking the life of citizen.

Our suggestion

  • Lights beam should not be pointed towards the drivers directly.
  • Use LED Street Lights instead of Light Bulbs near Pols.

Public Safety at risk due to safe city project